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Sabastan Moore is a state certified therapist

Individual Therapy

Every relationship whether professional or personal is impacted by our own perceptions. We process the events of our lives through our own biases, needs and wants. Identifying those things within ourselves not only improves us as an individual but also every encounter we have. If your goal is to become the best version of yourself then let’s begin the process of molding those perceptions into positive reinforcers of the beautiful things in your life and reframing the issues of your life.

Couples/Marriage Therapy

The society we live in has made the complicated concept of being in love all the more complicated. It has made it clear that love is not enough. If you are committed to building, maintaining or healing your relationship then let’s work together to develop the skills and outlook for the relationship you’ve always envisioned. The application of Christian principles are available to those couples who desire to use them.

Family/Group Therapy

The ability to use Interpersonal communication is the cornerstone of any successful business or emotionally healthy family. Though the dynamics of these various group settings may change, the understanding of them can create peace and productivity or stress and tension. If your family is stuck in the cycle of hurtful habits-let’s start new habits. If your small business has stalled due to the people and not the product-let’s get it moving again!
$350/2 Hour Session


Commitment Package

  • 4 Individual Face-to-Face Sessions
  • Consecutive weeks required

Commitment to your goals can & will produce results. Accountability is often the missing ingredient in reaching those goals. The Commitment Package encourages the client to make their emotional/mental health a priority while ensuring that P2P is available to serve in supporting that priority!


Mix & Match Package

  • 300 minutes that can be divided into any combination of 1 hour or 1/2 hour sessions
  • Same day Virtual Sessions guaranteed

In this journey of attaining and maintaining mental health, there will be periods that are so overwhelming that connecting with your therapist becomes a more immediate desire. With the Mix & Match Package we offer the flexibility to determine whether a 1/2 hour Check In or a Full hour best meets your need. Emotional scaffolding becomes your security until you are as strong as necessary to get you to the next stage in your growth!


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There is no pressure to share any information you feel is too personal. However, the more transparent you are during a session the more effective that session will be for you.

Yes. However, they cannot come into the session with you unless they are an active participant. Be mindful that the categorization of the session will reflect their presence.

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